I have been a lifelong Beverly resident and started creating art as soon as I was strong enough to sit up. I come from a family where art and crafts are not just a hobby but a way of life. I have seen first-hand how art brings families together and how it creates remarkable bonding experiences. My family often says that “artistic talent” runs deep through our veins.
I began my formal art education at Mother McAuley Liberal Arts High School. I continued on to study art at Bradley University, where I established my true art form. I can create many different types of art but my passion was found in creating charcoal drawings.
The extreme contrast between black and white invigorates me. I look at things and see them come to life when that dark rich black coal roughly hits that bright white paper. I become so immersed in my work using my hands to shade and blend that I myself become covered in soot.
My drawings are how I see the world. Things start out in black and white and may stay that way for some, but once you begin to become involved and aware, there is a wide range of gray area. The spectrum from black to white actually becomes quite large. Things in life are never just black and white. There is so much in between.



I have always loved art and the way it can make you feel. It has an enormous power on your state of mind. I create my art as a form of therapy to help calm me. When I am creating I go to a completely different place where my brain can rest. Once my work is completed I get satisfaction from watching and hearing people’s reactions, how it makes them feel or why they like it, or even hate it! I feel the need to constantly be doing something with my hands so creating my work allows me to do that and enjoy the finished product.